5 natural benefits of using handmade soap


Often, the benefits of handmade soap outweigh the hard work it takes to make them. If you love your skin and would like to keep it forever young, you must consider using handmade soaps.

Soaps are a very common commodity for daily sanitation. Available in various colours, shapes, sizes, and price ranges; these sanitary goods constitute a major part of our daily life.

Soap, by the definition of it, is a mixture of natural or synthetic oils with an alkali (mainly lye a natural hydroxide). When we scrub the surface of the soap, the complex chain of chemicals breaks to form foam and mild acids, which causes a cleansing action.

Soaps have been there for centuries assisting us and cleansing our lives, but recently people are looking forward to making and using handmade soaps that have boundless positive effects in comparison to their mass-produced counterparts which contain many synthetic chemicals. Sometimes, this overuse of artificial chemicals can give rise to various skin problems after prolonged usage. Thus, here we are to discuss the benefits of handmade soap which might just help you to find a better and cost-effective remedy to these stated problems and also learn a simple method to make soaps at home.

How can one make soap at their home?

  • Get a couple of kilograms of lye, which are available at any good cosmetic store or can be ordered from Amazon.
  • Melt the lye at low flame until it is a little liquidy and has the consistency of melted wax.
  • Add a few teaspoons of Glycerin to the melted lye.
  • Customize your soap by adding essential oils, fragrances, natural food colors, and more to the melted lye mixture.
  • Store the mixed product in a container and let it cool for a couple of hours or overnight.
  • Take out the mixture and cut it into proper sizes for personal use.
Flower petals and essential oils can be grounded into handmade soaps, it gives the soap a brittle texture and floral hue.

Benefits of handmade soap

And just like that one can make high-quality soap with very few ingredients. This homemade soap is multiple times better than any mass-produced cleansing product and listed below are its few natural benefits.

Better Quality of final product

Homemade soaps will have considerably better quality and will provide a better cleansing experience. Essential oils and fragrances will help revitalize and nourish the skin. Mass-produced soaps contain detergents and synthetic sulfates which create more foam and make the product last longer. Homemade soaps may not have such qualities as the densest foam or eternal longevity but they will have better skin benefits and a controlled amount of alkaline will promote better moisture in the skin.

No side-effects

Often we see people complaining about a particular cosmetic product that harms their skin. Mass-produced soap can promote skin infections, cause dry or excessively oily skin, harm the epidermis cells of the skin causing the layers of skin to get too dry and flake off, promote acne and other blisters on the skin, etc. One of the most important benefits of handmade soaps is that they will never show such side effects. The most one can notice after using a natural soap is their skin showing no signs of improvement. But it will not degrade the skin quality of a user. 

Is gentle on the skin

Homemade soap has many natural oils that help provide nutrition to the skin cells. Each essential oil has a unique application.

  • Lime helps to moisturize the skin
  • Lavender opens pores to flush out dead skin cells
  • Jojoba gives a glow to the skin.

Primarily soaps are made from alkaline minerals because human skin produces acids and oils which alkali help to neutralize. But overdose of alkali creates dry skin which promotes itchiness and other problems. The added Glycerine in the soaps helps the skin to retain its moisture after every wash so that the skin doesn’t lose its lustre and sheen upon prolonged contact with alkalis like lye.

Therapeutic effects

Natural handmade soaps offer aromatherapy therapeutic benefits. Handmade soaps use pure essential oils to create their scents. The benefits of aromatherapy can help with everything from stress relief to boosting your immune system. For example, Lavender promotes good sleep and relieves stress. 

Environment Friendly

Handmade soaps benefit the environment as well. They use various natural ingredients which make them environment-friendly than their counterparts. Mass-produced sanitary products use many synthetic materials to ensure their longevity and low product cost. When the wastes created by these products are disposed of, they take up more time to decompose. Chemicals like Halides and Sodium Hydroxide, which are used to promote lustre and induce more foam in the soap cleansing action, can stay dumped and exposed in the environment for decades affecting nearby animal and plant life. Handmade soaps owing to their natural composition can decompose easily, thus making them more environmentally friendly and easily disposable.

As we know cleanliness is next to godliness

Homemade soaps have innumerable positive aspects that make them a proper alternative for conventional soaps. Although they could cost way more than your average soap, yet their popularity remains unaltered due to the benefits they offer. Many small-scale manufacturers make handmade soaps to cope up with this huge rise in demand. As every day more and more people are switching over to natural products rejecting synthetic materials from their livelihood.

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