Kadha – An Elixir For Boosting Immunity To Fight Covid-19

Kadha has always been a part of India’s very own ayurvedic wonder that was originally used to fight cold and flu. It is a staple drink in every household of …

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how to make rice water for hair growth

Benefits Of Rice Water For Hair Growth And How to Make It Work?

Your hair is as big of a deal as you want it to be! It’s what we spend hours of time and money on each week to make sure it …

Fight hair loss with green tea

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Get rid of pimples with these home remedies

  Get rid of pimples with these home remedies Pimple or acne is one of the most common skin problems that affect not just teenagers but even adults. There are …

Best 5 natural makeup remover

Homemade hacks for tan removal

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Health Benefits of Shatavari


Ashwagandha: What is the perfect dosage?


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10 unknown health benefits of Cinnamon